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So, here’s where I plug my blog site…a blog site that I, truthfully, was reluctant to start because I just wasn’t sure what the point of blogging really was. But, as you can read in my first post, I’ve figured out “that this could be a great tool for me to help other people, which is truly what I love to do.”  It is a chance to talk about more than just your basic buying and selling of homes.  I’ve done (and continue to do) my best to tell you what I think you need to know about real estate, to shed light on topics that too often remain in the dark…topics like “If any of you are thinking of buying a house right now, don’t sink a lot of cash into the purchase.” Or real estate investment ideas like, “Trust deed investing….where you act as a lender or a bank and invest money with a good real estate Rehabber who is purchasing and fixing up property for resale.”  And I have some great guest bloggers who will cover things like why now is a GREAT time to sell.

Click on over and check it out.  Follow it, if you want.  But I hope most of all that you will read something on there that will get you thinking…thinking that maybe your real estate or investment situation is worth a discussion.  Then give me a call and let’s see if you have other options, better options, available to you…

Top Buyer & Seller Mistakes


No-No #1: Picking the wrong agent to list your house.  The Solution: Rather than choosing an agent because they are popular in town or a friend knows them, do your online research, meet with several agents & choose the one with the best marketing plan, the best communication & the best track record of success.

No-No #2: Listing your house at the wrong asking price. The Solution: Listen to your real estate agent first & foremost on where to set the price, rather than focusing on your personal need and/or emotion. A good agent will have good comps & can help you determine fair market value, which will get your house sold much quicker. Continue reading

Things to do in Colorado Springs

1.  Garden of the Gods

This remarkable 1,360-acre park is so full of weird and surreal red sandstone rock formations that it looks like Mother Nature teamed with Salvador Dali in forming it. Numerous well-maintained nature trails, some of which are paved, fan through the park and offer great photo opportunities. Educational markers are numerous and enhance your understanding of the who, what, where and why of these one-of-a-kind formations. Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, located across the street from the north entrance, offers hands-on exhibits, tours, a cafe and more. Admission is free. For more info click here.

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